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                                      We at TTG Consultants appreciate your visit to our web site!

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                                      Welcome to our Web-Site.

                                      TTG is a full service, Human Capital consulting firm, specializing is individual career, and corporate change. Our services include Career Transition/Outplacement, Executive Coaching, Teambuilding, and Leadership and Supervisory Training.

                                      Our unique, new on-line training programs include Sexual Harassment and Workplace Violence and Terrorism Prevention. TTG's products include our world-famous, self-directed career continuation system, "Opening New Doors" which provides a complete career transition program as a fraction of the price of traditional Outplacement. We also offer the extremely cost-effective, "It's Your Career" series, which provides cutting-edge methods and techniques for job-search, as well as career advancement and promotion INSIDE an organization. Then, there is our job-fair and job-search workshops companion, "You're In Charge Of You!". Of course, for high school and university grads, we offer "Schools Over - Now what?""

                                      Through our partnerships with Lincolnshire International and Arbora Global Partners, we are able to effectively serve our client's need through more than 200 offices in 23 countries on six continents.

                                      We at TTG hope you find your visit with us useful, and we look forward to knowing your thoughts and comments about your experience.

                                      David Bowman
                                      Chairman, TTG Consultants

                                      "Helping you manage your Human Resources challenges since 1985"

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                                      Woodland Hills, CA
                                      Santa Fe Springs, CA
                                      Irvine, CA
                                      San Diego, CA
                                      San Francisco, CA
                                      San Jose, CA
                                      Scottsdale, AZ
                                      and in over 200 other cities worldwide

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