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                                      TTG Consultants Human Resources Consultants Specializing in  Career Management and Corporate Change
                                      Cost Effective TeleCoaching and E-VideoCoaching®

                                      TTG Consultants can go anywhere in a matter of seconds!

                                      ...because our unique TeleCoaching (via telephone) & E-VideoCoaching® (via interactive audio & video on the internet) programs enable us to provide comprehensive and effective one-on-one job-search assistance - by telephone or interactive audio/video on the internet to virtually any location in the world. And, at a very modest cost, compared to traditional in-office or workshop outplacement programs

                                      Three Goals Of Our "GO-ANYWHERE"
                                      TeleCoaching & E-VideoCoaching® Programs?/strong>

                                      • TO PROVIDE a "cost-effective" program that bridges the gap between minimal workshop outplacement and more costly one-on-one and/or transition center coaching.
                                      • TO PROVIDE a "personalized" one-on-one program that is coach-driven (i.e.: Coach initiated and directed), yet not limited by geography; an outplacement program facilitated - anywhere - by an experienced coach, regardless of how small or remote the location.
                                      • TO PROVIDE a program that is "modestly priced" - using Audio CDs and a Learning Guide to deliver information not requiring a coach, thus reserving costly coaching time for inter-active issues (Assessment, Resume, Interviewing, Compensation Negotiation, Action Plan, etc.).

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                                      Technical Consultant:Rajiv Garg

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