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                                      SCHOOL'S OVER! NOW WHAT?
                                      A Career & Advancement Guide For Grads

                                      LEARN HOW TO...
                                      FIND AND LAND YOUR DREAM JOB,
                                      THEN MOVE UP IN YOUR CAREER!
                                      School's Over - Now What? Today, jobs for grads are hard to find. Promotions and raises can be tough to get. And, with continuing corporate downsizing, jobs are often difficult to keep.

                                      But, there are insiders' secrets to finding, landing and keeping dream jobs — even in tough economic times. And, by using the right methods and tactics, your chances for promotions and raises increase — even in shrinking organizations.

                                      That's what School's Over — Now What? is all about. In this package, you'll discover the 3 critical steps and 4 proven tactics to find and land your dream job...
                                      • Assess your strengths and skills — to "sell yourself" to employers.
                                      • Write an interview-generating resume.
                                      • Interview — to get job offers.
                                      • Network with family, friends & others — to find job leads & opportunities.
                                      • Research companies (in databases and on the internet) — to discover where you "fit."
                                      • Work with employment agencies — to get the inside track for jobs.
                                      • Use power internships —?to jump-start a career.
                                      You'll also learn how to promote yourself and get substantial salary increases. Here are the methods to "Know Yourself, Grow Yourself and Market Yourself." Discover how to...
                                      • Sell yourself and your ideas inside the company.
                                      • Play & win at corporate politics — ethically.
                                      • Self-market & create "visi-posure" (visible exposure).
                                      • Stay at the "cutting edge" in your field.
                                      • Create your own job security by "bullet proofing" yourself.
                                      • Make loyalty work for you.
                                      • Embrace change and actually profit from it.
                                      • Climb the corporate ladder (and not get stuck on the rungs).
                                      • And much, much more!

                                      Only $19.95 ?a 20% discount (for only a limited time!)
                                      What's in School's Over ?Now What?...
                                      1. A 70-Minute Audio CD, containing the 3 critical steps and 4 proven tactics for finding and landing your dream job!
                                      2. A 60-Minute Audio CD, with techniques and methods for advancing in your career — how to know yourself, grow yourself and market yourself!
                                      3. A Handy 70-Page Action/Success Guide ?with samples of effective resumes, interview questions & answers, as well as important job-search & job-posting websites.
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                                      And best of all, for a limited time, School's Over — Now What? is available for only $19.95! That's a 20% saving from its usual price!

                                      Only $19.95 ?a 20% discount (for only a limited time!)
                                      So — here's your "roadmap to success" in the years ahead! Use it and prosper!

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