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                                      Workplace Violence is now the third leading cause of occupational death and the fastest growing type of homicide in the U.S. It is now becoming even a greater problem with the potential for workplace terrorism.

                                      Between 850 and 1000 people are murdered on the job each year - that's about 3 murders per day. It is estimated that some two million workers are victims of physical attack each year and six million are threatened.

                                      The cost of Workplace Violence is about $4 Billion annually – including property damage, lost productivity, lost sales and negligence lawsuits.

                                      The causes, of course, are many and varied – from potential issues (in the case of terrorism) to the hierarchical supervisors that don’t listen or communicate, to downsizing and reorganization, jobs moving to the third world, unfair treatment of employees, employee stress, rapid organizational change, social issues (drugs, alcohol, family problems), etc.

                                      Employers can be held liable for Workplace Violence when it can be shown there was negligent hiring, negligent retention and/or inadequate safeguards to provide a “safe and healthful workplace” (OSHA directive).

                                      This On-Line (internet-based audio with sequenced slides and downloadable manual) program assists organizations in establishing…

                                      • “awareness” training for employees – to spot those exhibiting potential violent behavior tendencies,
                                      • a process for intervening with and/or for reporting violent behaviors and potential incidents BEFORE they occur,
                                      • a response plan for dealing with violent acts AFTER they occur,
                                      • secure facilities.

                                      Format Options:

                                      All formats include a "Comprehension Evaluation" (test) for participant's personnel file. The results of the "Comprehensive Evaluation" (test) are provided to the sponsoring company's program administrator - as a proof of training for legal purposes.

                                      • "On-Line" (w/ Audio & Sequenced Slides)
                                      • "In-Person" - as a Seminar/Workshop
                                      • "Dedicated Corporate Webpage" - a Multi-License version for a Company's Intranet, or a custom webpage on TTG's website.

                                      Issues Addressed:

                                      • Facts
                                        • Kinds of Violence
                                        • Frequency of Violence
                                      • Types
                                        • Type I
                                        • Type II
                                        • Type III
                                      • Costs
                                      • Causes
                                        • Downsizings
                                        • Unfair Treatment
                                        • Manufacturing Moving Offshore
                                        • Rapid Change
                                        • Stress
                                      • Who (The Profile)
                                      • How To Stop It


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                                      Learn More About The Dangers Of Workplace Violence

                                      Two versions are available for the "On-Line" Format
                                          "For Management" (19 Minutes & Comprehension Evaluation)
                                          "For All Employees" (14 Minutes & Comprehension Evaluation)

                                      Contact TTG Consultants for a full "on-line" version and pricing options.

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