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                                      THE LEARNING ORGANIZATION 

                                      Learning Organization Enablers

                                      • Candor: open communication about expectations, work performance and development needs.
                                      • Insight: performance appraisal (360? and strategic planning.
                                      • Trust: leaders “walking the talk?with concern for others?interests.
                                      • Motivation for development and recognition / promotion, compensation systems and a “how does it matter to me?focus.
                                      • Curiosity: fostering the exploration of new ideas.
                                      • Capacity: encouraging a sense of “do I have what I need to do the job.?/FONT>
                                      • Flexibility: taking reasonable risks and trying new things thru: task forces, “stretch?assignments, learning mentors.
                                      • Accountability: for meeting objectives and delivering on commitments.

                                      Creating the Learning Organization “Talent Wheel?/B> 

                                      • How the Company Can?/B>
                                        • Attract
                                        • Select
                                        • Mobilize
                                        • Develop
                                        • Retain 
                                      • How the person Can?/B>
                                        • Engage
                                        • Sign-on
                                        • Stay
                                        • Perform
                                        • Grow 
                                      Managing the Learning Organization’s Talent Portfolio Thru Assessing?/B>
                                        • Return
                                        • Risk
                                        • Liquidity
                                        • Current and Future Performance

                                      The Learning ?Hand ?Off ? To create bench strength, small parts of every job are continuously ?handed - off ?to others to learn; thus in a pre-determined time, entire jobs are learned by others.  


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