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                                      TTG Consultants Human Resources Consultants Specializing in  Career Management and Corporate Change
                                      One/Two-Day Job-Search (Outplacement) Workshop

                                      Job-Search Workshops are customized to your requirements! We highly recommend at least two days be spent on such a complex task as Job Search!

                                      Here is an example of a typical format for a one/two-day workshop!


                                    1. Agenda
                                    2. Overview of Workshop
                                    3. Individual Introductions


                                    4. Dealing with Change
                                    5. Maintaining Control and Self Esteem
                                    6. The Role of Family / Friend Support
                                    7. The Job Campaign Process

                                      FINANCIAL ANALYSIS

                                    8. Income / Expense Worksheets



                                    9. Inventory of Interests / Strengths / Skills
                                    10. Assessing Accomplishments
                                    11. Occupations for Consideration

                                      THE RESUME

                                    12. The Resume as a Marketing Tool
                                    13. Resume Formats


                                      RESEARCHING EMPLOYERS & JOB OPPORTUNITIES

                                    14. Reference Sources: Books, Databases, Internet, The Library

                                      THE MARKETING CAMPAIGN

                                    15. The Need for Control / Focus
                                    16. Networking / Contact Development
                                    17. References
                                    18. Telephone Techniques
                                    19. Self-Marketing Letters
                                    20. Agencies / Search Firms
                                    21. Classified Ads



                                    22. The Interview Process
                                    23. Assessing Employers' Needs
                                    24. Typical Questions Asked
                                    25. Questions to Ask
                                    26. Question = Answer + Probe
                                    27. Assessing the "Fit"
                                    28. Personal Presentation
                                    29. Generating Offers
                                    30. Negotiating Compensation

                                      THE ACTION PLAN

                                    31. The Weekly Schedule
                                    32. Maintaining Momentum
                                    33. Tracking Activity
                                    34. Using Resources

                                      THE NEW JOB

                                    35. Responding to Trouble
                                    36. Evaluating Progress

                                      END OF FIRST DAY

                                      SECOND-DAY OF JOB-SEARCH WORKSHOP!

                                      MORNING -- Resume writing (each participant leaves with a hand written resume!)

                                      AFTERNOON -- Interview practice in which each participant plays interviewer and interviewee. Videotape feedback session.

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