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                                      Products & Services for Government Agencies

                                      TTG has designed several job-search/career-management programs specifically for federal, state, county and city government agencies. These programs have been designed to help government employees — as well as out-of-work citizens and those wishing to change jobs — find higher paying, more fulfilling jobs.

                                      Include: Audio & Learning Guides

                                    1. Opening New Doors® (self-directed job-search/career-management) for:
                                      Working Spouse/Partner Relocation

                                    2. You're In Charge of You® (Self-directed job-search for Rapid Response, "Job Fairs"     & One-Stop center "Companion & Guide")
                                    3. It's Your Career® - Power It! (an on-line, motivational overview of the job-search     process)
                                    4. It's Your Career® - Advance It! (for internal employee career advancement)
                                    5. Returning to Business (for existing military to re-enter the civilian workforce)

                                      (one-on-one or electronic)

                                    6. Job-Search Workshops (hourly modules, half-day, one-day, two-day)
                                    7. Cost-Effective TeleCoaching
                                    8. E-Video Coaching®
                                    9. E-Video Seminars®
                                    10. Preventing Sexual Harassment
                                    11. Preventing Workplace Violence & Terrorism
                                    12. Executive Coaching (for communication, operating, leadership improvement)
                                    13. Teambuilding to Increase Productivity
                                    14. Organizational Effectiveness & Training
                                    15. Employee Selection & Succession

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                                      preventing sexual harassment
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                                      violence in the workplace policy
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