TTG Consultants
                                      TTG Consultants Human Resources Consultants Specializing in  Career Management and Corporate Change
                                      TTG's Internet-Based Conferencing, Training and Self-Development Programs

                                      E-Video Coaching®
                                        - One-On-One, Audio/Video "Distance Conferencing" between 2 people.

                                      E-Video Meeting
                                        - Audio/Video "Distance Conferencing" for 3 to 10 people.

                                      E-Video Seminars®
                                        - Audio/Video "Distance Conferencing" for up to 2000 people.

                                      Sexual Harassment Prevention
                                        - Short, but Complete Training for Both Employees and Management. Includes Testing.

                                      Workplace Violence Prevention
                                        - Short, but Complete Training for Both Employees and Management. Includes Testing.

                                      It's Your Career® - Power It!
                                        - Covers 3 Critical Elements of an Effective Job Search: Self-Assessment, Resume Writing, Interviewing and Negotiating.

                                      It's Your Career® - Advance It!
                                        - "Take Charge of Your Career" - Ideal for Individual Career Pathing, Development and Advancement.

                                      The Birkman Method®
                                        - In-Depth Personal Assessment for Outplacement, Teambuilding, Coaching, Selection/Hiring, 360° Feedback, Succession Planning.

                                      Instant Office
                                        - For those without a computer, TTG will loan a laptop; containing all e-Services Hardware and Software for an Effective Job Search.

                                      Resume Builder
                                        - By entering employment history, strengths, skills & accomplishments, a resume is automatically constructed in chronological, or skills-based format. Time saver for TeleCoaching & e-VideoCoaching.

                                        - Automatically tracks/files sent e-mails, cover letters, resumes.

                                        - To format an Interview Generating Resume, or to have a Personalized Web-Page with Different Formats (GIF, PDF, HTML, etc) of Your Resume.

                                      Corporate Research
                                        - Access to Hoovers & Dun & Bradstreet for company research. Automatically surveys and compiles applicable jobs from 1000 job posting services onto one report (a great time saver).

                                      "Ask TTG"
                                        - Access to TTG's professional career-management coaches via e-mail - for answers to any job-search questions.

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