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                                      Compensation Program Design

                                      Attract and Retain Top Talent!

                                      Maximize Employee Performance!

                                      Link Rewards to Results!

                                      Pay systems profoundly impact organizational success. The way people perform their work is greatly shaped by how their total reward system is designed, communicated, and managed.

                                      Effective pay systems are designed as an extension of corporate strategy and culture. They reinforce an organization's ability to successfully compete in an open market.

                                      Programs We Design...

                                      • Total organization compensation strategy.
                                      • Board of directors compensation.
                                      • Executive compensation.
                                      • Sales incentive plans for:

                                          field sales representatives,
                                          sales management,
                                          telemarketing representatives,
                                          specialized marketing support and technical staff.

                                      • Team incentive plans.
                                      • Productivity improvement/gainsharing plans.
                                      • Organization-wide base salary programs, including:

                                          job analysis and documentation,
                                          custom-designed job evaluation,
                                          base pay structure,
                                          salary administration policies,
                                          pay-for-performance programs,
                                          competency-based pay programs (knowledge/skill).

                                      • Suggestion systems and other specialized incentives and awards.
                                      • Benefits and perquisites audit.

                                      Our Process...

                                      Our process is tailored to our clients' needs. However, the following steps are common to projects involving compensation program design.

                                      • Defining compensation objectives that reflect the organization's strategic aims and core values.
                                      • Establishing project goals.
                                      • Gathering data.
                                      • Analyzing findings.
                                      • Reporting analysis.
                                      • Designing initial draft of program.
                                      • Discussing and modifying program.
                                      • Simulating and costing the program.
                                      • Finalizing program.
                                      • Assisting with program communication and implementation.
                                      • Conducting follow-up reviews.


                                      Strategically designed compensation programs will:

                                      • Stimulate and reinforce employees for:


                                      • Enhance employee commitment to:

                                          Customer service,
                                          Continuous learning,

                                      • Support corporate mission and strategies.

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