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                                      Career Transition/Outplacement

                                      Outplacement, career transition/continuation, along with retirement, early retirement and working spouse/partner, dual career job-search counseling are specialties. Customized and self-directed, home-study outplacement for career transition/continuation are features. Hi-tech, internet-based, on-line applications for executive outplacement and job-search are available.

                                      Customized Outplacement Program (for every budget & user need)
                                        - Build a cusomized job-search program for redundant employees

                                      Executive Outplacement Coaching
                                        - Job-search programs to quickly re-employ redundant executive employees

                                      Group Outplacement
                                        - Job-search coaching in a group setting

                                      Birkman Method® for Outplacement
                                        - Self-assessment for redundant employees

                                      Self Directed/At-Home Outplacement: Opening New Doors®
                                        - A cost-effective system for rapid re-employment

                                      Cost Effective TeleCoaching & e-VideoCoaching®
                                        - Job-search coaching by telephone or internet

                                      Early Retirement Planning
                                        - "Early-Out" and second career program

                                      Dual Career Relocation/Transition
                                        - Job-search coaching for a second income earner

                                      Entrepreneurial Coaching
                                        - How to successfully start or buy a business

                                      Job Workshop "Companion & Guides":  
                                      - Cost-effective material for job-search workshops

                                      It's Your Career® - Power It!
                                      You in charge of you!

                                      E-Video Seminars® for Online Conferencing
                                        - High-quality video & audio conferencing for the budget-minded

                                      E-Video Meeting™ for Online Conferencing between 3-10 people
                                        - High-quality interactive video & audio conferencing for small groups

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